Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hi All,

I've shifted to
C u there...

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Alhamdulillah....9 months of waiting has finally come to an end. Here's our dear Princess Mariah...
I noe I hav not been u guys noe why huh...

now me and hubby having probs with the 2's their 1st u noe i noe both fighting for Mariah..err..thank god I'm breastfeeding least there's some time for us to be together..else she will foreva be in their way! i'm trying to bottlefeed her. looks like she's havin problem adapting to rubber teats..keeps on crying minta 'belas kasihan'. Even for me, I find it hard to stop breatfeeding her..there's somekind of bonding.. feel so attached to her. Oh God how am i goin bac to work? definitely gonna miss her. If only i can bring Mariah to i wish!!

ok ok...more of her updates later...gotta pack up soon, going to my MIL's place...

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Thursday, July 22, 2004 wat?? my boss is leaving... anyway, dun think we need him..he's juz a filter. The whole team is demoralized...looks like we hav to handle everything..yes, we r flexible..pah-kah-liao..everything we do..Programming, documentation, tender, project management....and soon we'll be seow leow...... Can i go for my maternity leave now?? for a moment, i juz felt like confronting him or complaining to my big boss...but wat's de use of complaining?? he's goin to b out of here anyway..and wat can my big boss do? employ a new snr consultant?? err..i doubt so..why??  save cost...and who's gonna work like shit??!!Argh!!! and there will be another interview tom and product demo on Monday and another meeting on dat same day. and Hubby is leaving this sun...and i'l be all alone for 5 days...sobs...:(
only one thing dat made me is kicking...oh god...i'm on tears...masyaAllah..

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

everytime i came bac from meeting, i feel like as if there's a big stone on my head. Tried to cool down myself but it jus doesn't seem to werk....
i've been trying hard to breathe these few days... babe u ok down there??

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Monday, July 19, 2004

wat's de gender, doc??
Am not sure if I should be excited bout this....
hmm..went for my 4th scanning on Sat. The obstetrician went like " do u wanna noe de gender?? " while she was busy zooming in and out..i could c there' s nothing on the my heart, i went like "'s a gal..pls.." I looked at hubby and hubby looked at me..both of us were quiet for a second. I took a deep breath and told her.."yes, of course...." . she asked again.."..u wanna guess?" and i told her..."it's a gal??..."  and she smiled...

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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Rest and relax

it's Saturday again...days have passed so quickly..i was too busy dat i dun even feel it. Now dat i'm expecting, i begin to notice more ladies out there who are in de same shoes as me. Sometimes I wonder if i should give up my seat to someone wit a bigger tummy, but..err.. why should i feel guilty..c'mon i need de seat too..can't stand for too long. wish i can move or dance in de train juz to make my blood circulate rather than standing my height and super sentive nose gives more exposure to u noe some pple's strong god.. i almost fainted. I miss those days when my chauffeur would send me and fetch me from werk..(haha..he's gonna kill me if he were to ever read this..kah kah kah..)
It's july..and aug coming soon..I can't wait to c our dear purplepaus on de pelamin... hope everything goes well for u gal..insyaAllah...

oh's my hubby's biggest scandal...dat's how she sleeps..sungguh kurang sopan..

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Friday, June 18, 2004


BURPP....Yes!!yes!yes!! I got my energy back...alhamdulillah..Gone r all my 'mabuks'.. been eating a lot lately. I had nasi goreng for breakfast at 7.15, mee soto for lunch, the nasi goreng kak yati(my In-laws' maid) has 'tapau'd for me at 5..well suppose to hav dat for lunch but busy wit meeting at client's side juz now. anyway, i manage to finish it an hr ago. will hav late dinner later.

My in-laws jus left for Bangkok dis morning..gonna miss the chats wit my S-I-L...but guess wat?? i'm gonna be a Maam for 4 days..Yeah!! not too excited though..still hav to look after nenek who sometimes need xtra attention... she can go on and on if u start talking to her....i juz hav to bear with dat....guess she juz need someone to talk to. Both me and hubby plan to bring her and kak yati to my place tom. maybe take a stroll down at reservoir and hav dinner at mom's place...

Better call mom now to make my special request. I wan... Ikan masak Thai...yum yum...

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